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Pacific Northwest Hospitality with a Nordic Flair

About The Gaard House

Amy and I chose to name our B&B The Gaard House as a nod to my Nordic heritage. The last part of our name, Gaard, roughly translates to “farm” in Norwegian. A fitting name for our home.

We decided to open and operate a Bed and breakfast because Amy and I both enjoy cooking, meeting people and entertaining. We were developing a 3-5 year plan to establish a B&B in the Oregon wine county. Our plan was to do what we enjoy in a beautiful part of Oregon. While researching locations we stumbled upon a house that was too good to pass up. Our 3-5 year plan quickly became a 3-5 month plan!

About Us


Shawn is a native Oregonian. He grew up in Springfield and was lucky to work on a fruit orchard and row crop farm. He received a Zoology degree from Oregon State and worked for the Tillamook County Creamery Association as Director of Environmental and Political Affairs for 28 years. He moved briefly to the Seattle area to work for Darigold and later, Waste Management.

Shawn has a passion for cooking, and on occasion follows a recipe. He is excited by fresh northwest ingredients and locally sourced food. When cooking breakfast for guests he strives for simple and memorable dishes with a possible Nordic flair.

Shawn loves living at The Gaard House surrounded by vineyards, agricultural fields, and forest land. He enjoys entertaining and sharing his home and his community with guests.


Amy grew up in Mendocino California. She received a Human Genomics degree from Cal State East Bay. She currently works from home at The Gaard House as a Senior VP of Human Resources for an international company.

Amy is a passionate and experienced cook and entertainer. She has collated recipes for cookbooks, demonstrated cooking techniques on TV, and been a professional cake decorator. Amy is not subtle, she embraces bold flavors, and whenever possible, heat!

Voluble and outgoing Amy enjoys meeting new people and works to make them feel welcome.